A fantasy described in one very long and two shorter sentences. It’s the result of a challenge my writing partner, Alice, and I issued to each other: to write a complete story in a single sentence.

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An exaggerated version of what happened on my twenty-first birthday.

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A Letter to Anna Bell

It’s unusual for me to write fiction, but the idea for this atmospheric tale, “A Letter to Anna Bell”, came to me one morning after awaking from a dream much like the one in the story. What better place for it than a journal called Haunted Magazine? Originally published in November, 2013.

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Things Could Be Worse

This is the first story I ever submitted anywhere, and I was pleasantly surprised when it was selected for inclusion in A Year In Ink 5, an annual anthology published by San Diego Writers, Ink. The story is dedicated to my late partner, Ralph Gomez, who died in 1990, and the other 700,000 Americans and more than 30  million people worldwide who have died of AIDS since 1981.

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3 Responses to “Fiction”

  1. Ronni Says:

    Lovely to know you are doing this again. Are you gonna attach a link to this story so we can read (or re-read?) Love you, Ronni

  2. jrbrega87 Says:

    Thanks, Ronni! I don’t have the “rights” to this story right now; they’ll revert to me next week when the book is released. At that point I’ll post the story here.

  3. Carol Brega Says:

    You answered my question. I couldn’t find the story and thought it was me. Can’t wait to read the story. Love, Carol

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