The Wait is Over… Graveyard Anthology Released!

September 11, 2016

Just in time to get ready for Halloween, Sez publishing has released graveyard-front-coverthe anthology Graveyard,  containing my short story, “A Letter to Anna Bell,”

It’s available in print or Kindle edition from Amazon. For those of you who may be squeamish, let me emphasize that this is “horror lite”–lots of ghosts, grave digging, and psychological drama (the last describes my story, which starts on page 29) but few graphic scenes. There are nine other stories in the book that I found particularly entertaining:

“The Big 4-0” by William Davis (page 48), “Fryton” by J.C. Michael (page 164), “His Place of Rest” by Bekki Pate (page 194), “Morrigan” by Suanne Schafer (page 226), “Phone Call from the Mausoleum” by Jiil Hand (page 236), “Pine Grove Cemetery” by Skye Winters (page 256), “Stuff” by Larry Crist (page 289), “Thou Shalt Not” by Ann Martin (page 292), “The Van Arsdale Secret” by Mary Ann Ronconi (page 296), and “Witch” by Kate Wiant (page 310).

I hope you’ll check these out–and the other stories as well!

Follow this link to buy Graveyard at Amazon. (paperback $13.00, Kindle edition $7.00)



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