A Letter to Anna Bell accepted for new anthology

June 10, 2016

Originally published in Haunted Magazine, my Poe-ish mystery story “A Letter to Anna Bell,” has been accepted for the Graveyard Anthology to be published later tGraveyard 3his year. Haunted ceased publication shortly after my story ran (no, I don’t think there was a connection) and their archives are no longer available, so the anthology will be a re-birth of sorts for “Anna Bell.” Looking forward to seeing it in print again! I’ll post another notice when the anthology is available.

2 Responses to “A Letter to Anna Bell accepted for new anthology”

  1. Alice Lowe Says:

    your cup seems to be runneth-ing over — deservedly so. This seems like a great (& more permanent) home for Anna Bell. I’m told these things come in threes … what might be next?!

  2. JLCastell Says:

    Congratulations! Maybe now Anna Bell can rest in peace. Great job!

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