“Sandman” published in Shadowgraff Quarterly

June 9, 2016

“SanShadowgraph logodman” grew out of a challenge my writing partner and I took up: to write a complete story consisting of one sentence. In the beginning it was just an exercise, a prompt; but I found that the piece that emerged was seductive in its relative simplicity and brevity. The format seemed perfect for a dream-like meditation that, to some, may seem more poetry than prose.Wings-chart

The story touches on mystery, mortality,  belief, and sexual desire; it was inspired by a week spent on Cape Cod in October, 2015 and is published this month in Shadowgraff Quarterly. Click to read “Sandman.”

(By the way, Alice and I both cheated a bit on the one-sentence rule: my story is in three sentences, hers is in two. Read Alice’s piece, “Quickly”  in the May 2015 issue of Labletter.)



2 Responses to ““Sandman” published in Shadowgraff Quarterly”

  1. Alice Lowe Says:

    Stunning! Even though I’d seen earlier drafts, I wasn’t prepared for the impact. Wow….

  2. JLCastell Says:

    A sparkler of a piece. Really enjoyed reading . Congrats on your publication!

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