I saw an announcement this week inviting submissions to a new journal focusing on scent-triggered memories. The journal, Olfactory Memoirs, is a project of the Sfrying bacon_Page_01an Diego Foundation Creative Catalyst Fellowship Program and will culminate in a series of spoken word performances orchestrated to coincide with scent compositions made by artist Brian Goeltzenleuchter. I posted my short piece, “Scents Memory,” which talks about losing the ability to taste and smell as a result of progressive Parkinson’s Disease. (I mention, among others, the scent of lavender, the stink of gasoline, and the smell of bacon frying, which explains the photo above.)

Although my situation is, obviously, not funny, I tried to strike a wistful and somewhat ironic tone. Let me know whether or not I was successful after reading the piece here. And, while you’re at it, consider posting something about your own olfactory memories on the Write — Participate page.