Review Review logo2The Review Review has again published a review of a journal that recently published one of my stories. “Panic at Twenty-four Frames Per Second” was selected as the featured creative nonfiction piece for Lunch Ticket’s summer/fall issue.

The reviewer chose to emphasize the “social justice” theme of many of the pieces in the issue: “Serious, though not heavy-handed, in tone, the journal explores matters of social justice and what it means to be human in an ever-changing world. Within, many different themes surrounding the human condition such as love, teenage angst, and self-discovery are examined in these pieces, but they all circle back in some way to matters of equality. Among peers, among the community. Finding out where in the world you belong.”

Ironically, my essay is the most frivolous and light-hearted piece I’ve produced in quite a while and, not being consistent with the reviewer’s characterization of the journal, was not mentioned in the review. I guess one can’t be in the spotlight all the time. Read Lunch Ticket anyway.

Read the review of Lunch Ticket in The Review Review here.

For the earlier review of Red Savina Review, which published my essay,”There Are Still Empty Places in California,” see my 12/3/2013 blog entry.