“Twenty Questions” Published in Hippocampus Magazine

June 2, 2014

I wrote this lament for my sister, Rebecca, shortly after she died in 2012.HM-logo-banner-21It’s taken two years of revision and submission to find a place for it in Hippocampus Magazine, for which I’m very grateful.

4 siblings 1st L Powell

Rebecca with her 3 siblings, 1978

I can’t say I hope you’ll enjoy this piece, but   I hope it will trigger memories of someone you’ve loved and lost. And, for those of you who knew    Rebecca, I hope it will help you remember her persistence, her spirit, and all the other things that were wonderful about her!

Read “Twenty Questions” in Hippocampus Magazine here.


One Response to ““Twenty Questions” Published in Hippocampus Magazine”

  1. We’re happy it found a home. You’re so right about not exactly wanting people to enjoy, but rather take something from it. These stories are tricky to tell. You did a fine job!

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