More news about the journal Plenitude

March 25, 2013

Xtra logoI just heard that the second issue of the Canadian literary journal Plenitude (containing my story “Five Years and Four Months”) is the subject of a feature story in the newspaper Xtra!, the oldest and largest national LGBT newspaper in Canada. The article’s focus is on how Plenitude provides a new creative writing outlet for Canadians, so, not surprisingly, my story isn’t mentioned. Still good publicity. “Though only in its second issue,” the news story says, ” the magazine has already earned well-deserved attention locally and beyond, with people accessing it from all over the world.”

Read the Xtra! story here.

2 Responses to “More news about the journal Plenitude”

  1. bhunting9999 Says:


  2. […] It’s unusual for me to write fiction, but the idea for this atmospheric tale, “A Letter to Anna Bell”, came to me one morning after awaking from a dream much like the one in the story. What better place for it than a journal called Haunted Magazine? You can find the story here. […]

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