My first book release party…

March 22, 2012

Monday 3/19 John and I attended my first book release party–for the anthology A Year In Ink 5 published by the group San Diego Writers, Ink. I was surprised and a little alarmed when the mistress of ceremonies announced that the authors were going to “read through the book,” including the introductions by prose editor T. Greenwood and poetry editor Brandon Cesmat. I knew that my story, “Things Could Be Worse,” started on page 117 and wondered how many hours of waiting I was in for.

I needn’t have worried. At the end of the three hours (with a fifteen minute intermission) I was hungry for more and reluctant to go home. The pieces read by my fellow authors were often beautiful, always interesting, and universally good. The intros by the editors were inspiring and masterful. I realized how honored I should feel to be included in the book–and I am. The entire evening (including pre-event Mexican dinner treat by my writing circle partner, Alice Lowe, and her husband Don Strandberg) was delightful, and, I believe, would have been so even without the Margaritas!

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